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as a country and help them take action. and all they're asking for is rationality. how many among us would say it is okay to have 100 rounds of clips in a banana, that is just not rationale, they're talking about people with the opportunity to take away massive, massive amounts of loss. and i think reasonable people will say that is something we can get behind. and thank you, president obama for being clear you are going to take action and you need our help. but it is not just about the guns. i tell you, on my program, we're getting deep with what to do about people and family members, people with mental illness that are out of control. there is woeful resources in our country, people cannot get conservativeship. there is no state hospital or structure. and i would say president obama please, please, there is so much more to be done here than just guns. and this is our opportunity, and connecticut is just a symptom. >> and the president made it clear, he agrees with you. it is not just guns that are an issue, even though he did say you have to deal with military type assault weapons, high-capa
with president obama's call to action against what he calls the national epidemic of gun violence amid the trauma over the newtown school massacre, he has put vice president biden in charge of the agenda that could be submitted to congress next month. and a growing number of americans want action from the government. a brand new poll shows that 52% of u.s. adult dults favor major restrictions on guns, making all guns illegal versus 47% last august. let's turn to our white house correspondent brianna keilar. she's joining us. the president came out and didn't mince very words. >> reporter: no, wolf. this is the first time that president obama has laid out a time line. he appointed vice president biden to lead this group of cabinet lawmakers to come out with some solutions and he wants those recommends from him no later than january. the president said this time washington won't just talk about tackling gun violence. >> this is not some washington commission. this is not something where folks are going to be studying the issue for six months and publishing a report that gets read and then pushed as
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such action would be completely unacceptable and a clear breach of international law. >> reporter: the move comes amidst u.s. concerns that the assad repeople may be cooking up recipes, mixing materials for chemicals. that possible preparation is taking place at more than one chemical plant in syria, officials say. u.s. intelligence shows nothing has been moved out of the facilities, however. and officials say there is no indication syria is on the verge of using chemical we papoweapon. in turkey monday, russian president putin called the deploy ment of the patriot missiles unnecessary. but tuesday, the russian foreign minister said any use of chemical weapons has grave implications. while down playing reports about syria. >> translator: we can call them rumors, but the syrian authorities are moving a stockpile of chemical weapons or that they want to use them. as soon as we hear such messages, we prepare. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton spent the day meeting with her fellow ministers as they approved a plan to provide turkey with the missiles. nato says the number of missil
, take action in the future. >> reporter: now, there's no official start date for the students to begin back -- well, tore begin in their new school at chalk hill middle school, in that building, but officials in that town say the building at least could be ready as early as tomorrow, which is an amazing thing to think about. they're really completely transforming this building in just a matter of days. but when they want to bring the students back into school, that's completely up to the newtown school officials. there's no word yet if they want to start back. >> there were almost 600 kids in that kindergarten through fourth grade elementary school here that's obviously now a crime scene. >> that's now a crime scene but it's amazing how they're doing everything they can. you can see in those truck loads of things. they're trying to replicate almost down to the desk and the chair and the picture on the wall, each room, as much as they can, in order to try to give them a sense of normalcy, of safety, of something that they're familiar with, to try to get them on the path to healing. but
he orders action. a senior u.s. official tells cnn a strike could be carried out with the ships and aircraft already stationed in the region. but planning is driven by the latest intelligence, which u.s. officials say shows sarin gas has been loaded into aerial bombs in at least two locations near air fields. syria seems to have crossed the line drawn by the president last august. >> a red line for us is we start seeing chemical weapons moved around or utilized. >> this week, that line shifted with warnings from the president, secretary of defense panetta, and others focusing on what happens if assad uses those weapons. >> these lines become pink lines, and they're not drawn with, you know, a fine pencil, and they move around a little. >> military options for striking syria spell out the case for why an attack might be called for. u.s. officials say there are multiple reports, more than just satellite imagery, confirming the aerial bombs. the regime is getting more desperate in recent days as fighting has raged around damascus, leading to worries al assad could order a deadly st
is monitoring that. >> toyota has agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement in a class action lawsuit involving vehicles speeding up unintentionally. the japanese automaker reportedly would install new safety equipment in affected cars. multiple tests confirmed the safety of its control systems, but it says it wanted to, quote, turn the page on this issue. a federal judge must approve the deal. >>> george h.w. bush is in guarded condition, but says the 88-year-old is in good spirits. he had been in the hospital for over a month, initially beitrea for bronchitis. >>> and under egypt's newly approved constitution, the council will have legislative powers until a lower house is elected. signed in to law, the controversial charter was approved in two weekend rounds of voting. the turnout was just 32%. critics say the constitution excludes minority rights and supporters say boosts egypt's political stability. >>> and russia's upper house of parliament has approve adverse hal measure banning address adoption of russian children by americans. the legislation goes to putin for signing. this move is see
agree on this is action. they want to see that we are focused on them, not focused on our politics here in washington. >> reporter: that was the last time this group met more than a month ago. with time running out to forge a scaled-down compromise, can they agree on even the most basic elements, extending some income tax cuts, preventing pay cuts to medicare providers, fixing the alternative minimum tax. among the options to gain votes, averting an estate tax hike toll woo republicans. there's still time but no room for error. if congress doesn't act -- >> the impact psychologically and financially on americans of another plunge in the negative territory for the economy would be extremely harmful. >> reporter: and candy, as i said, those leaders are still meeting with the president. we'll see if any of them come out and speak to us after that meeting breaks up as soon as we have any word on whether there is an agreement, we'll bring it to you. >> jessica, it's interesting to me the president's idea like if we can't get an agreement, let's just have a straight up or down vote in both ho
, is focus on getting the people responsible and holding them accountable for their actions that killed and took the life of four americans. >> you're talking about the al qaeda affiliate organizations that may have been responsible for these four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. when you say there was gross negligence, that suggests that they should have had better security for the colleagues and they were negligent. do we know who these individuals that were negligent are? >> that picture is clearer today than it was a short time ago. >> can you tell us who they are? >> i think it's best to wait until all of the details are assembled and a report will be issued. but i will tell you, wolf, when you look at all of the information, information leading up on the day and the days after, it was very, very clear that there was a serious security threat there in the state department did not make the right decisions to secure the ambassador himself and there's all kinds of evidence of all sorts leading up to that conclusion. again, there will be a report soon. i think, again, on
with people if someone is misbehaving. be firm and take action. we will get through this. it's going to be okay. that's what we have to tell our kids. >> what motivates someone to go out and shoot and kill children? >> you are asking a question that it fills me with disgust to have to answer. it's one thing to explain what happened in oregon. perhaps this young man had a break or was exposed to a chemical or something that caused him to think in a distorted way. this is not just that. this is somebody who felt entitle and justified to act out. this is grandiosity and feeling special. this is feeling like he is more important than any of these other lives or exposed us to this violence and is going to show why he is so important and feel very justified in what he is doing. this is a longer term kind of distorted thinking than what we saw in oregon. >> then this person supposedly winds up killing himself. it seems so totally crazy. >> right. why wouldn't he just kill himself? why does he have to take the lives with him? that is the grandiosity and the distortion and the entitlement and
disapproval is not an aprop pree grounds for a government action but over time the court has said certain kinds of moral disapproval is no longer allowed. you can't simply disapprove of blacks and whites going to school together and pass a law. the question now is, is moral disapproval of homosexuality a legitimate ground for the government doing anything? that's really one of the main issues in this case coming out. >> that's his argument, that that's why he's opposed to it? is that what you're saying? >> well, what he's saying is that the legislature, whether it's a state legislature or congress can say we morally disapprove of homosexuality, thus we will say they can't get married the way heterosexuals can. that that's a legitimate ground for government action. that's a question that is really very much before the supreme court right now, which is, is moral disapproval alone a legitimate basis for a government to act. >> i understand the intellectual legal argument he's making on this point but it sounds to the layperson out there that he's comparing homosexuality to beastiality or to
't be, in other words, that we issue a strong statement. that ll be some action that will follow. look, i think he will appreciate that. but the real question is how did we bring this appalling disaster, which is unfolding in syria, to an end. trying to get to a situation where you move to a different type of constitution in which people can have a say in e lebl electing the government and where the countries have put in a more stable issue. so this is fantastically difficult. again, what we've seen in the middle east, we saw it in iraq and now in syria. once you lift the lid off of these very repressive regimes, out comes this religious, ethnic, tribal tense. >> how worried are you about the situation in egypt? >> i think egypt is key to the region. you've got to be extremely worried when you see instability affecting egypt. this is, again, these are the birth pains of proper democracy in some ways. but this struggle is immensely important because obviously, what is important in these countries, where they've moved to a democratic system, is that there is a clear understanding. it's a
like responsible adults and they action have something they need to show to the american public and this is not the way the american public wants to see its government operate. they've seen it work like this too much in the past. we just went through the debt ceiling in 2011. they don't like seeing congress and the president be crisis-activated institutions. >> this should not have been a crisis. they agreed on this deadline a year and a half ago. they had well more than a year to resolve this. >> and by the way, this is a crisis they created. >> yeah. >> for themselves. >> they knew this cliff was coming. they had a year and a half to deal with it, not three weeks. they wasted a year and a half basically just to get to this crazy moment. >> exactly. they effectively said, we're going to put ourselves up against a wall because we know when we're up against the wall, it's the only time we can get something done. >> a sick way of running a government. no doubt about that. thank you. >>> awaiting the start of an important speech by the president of the united states. we'll be talke
line, at least now, as we await action on the floor of the united states senate, if there's a deal or no deal, legislation could come up for a roll call vote. but the bottom line is since the house of representatives has gone into recess, at least for the night, the u.s. is, is going over that so-called fiscal cliff. we'll see what happens over the next few hours. tom foreman, thank you. much more on the fiscal cliff coming up. >>> there are serious ramifications for almost every american involved in this negotiati negotiation. we'll update when when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just com
calling other actions inappropriate elsewhere. >> yet, when it comes to our most beloved, innocent, and vulnerable members of the american family, our children, we as a society leave them every day utterly defenseless. >> while promoting a plan to train volunteers as a part of what the nra calls a national shield safety program, he restricting guns around schools. >> and in doing so, they tell every insane killer in america that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk. >> he has blood on his hands. >> despite being disrupted twice, making killers famous in the news and glorifying them in movies and video games. >> a child growing up in america today witnesses 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time he or she reach the ripe old age of 18. and does anybody really believe that the next adam lanza isn't planning his attack on a school he's already identified at this very moment? >> almost certainly part of this muscle flex was to remind congress members who might be tempted to join calls for gun reform that the nra has enormous influence
has blocked action of president assad at the united nations insisting there should be no regime change. but diplomats now say moscow increasingly doubts assad can survive in power as the armed opposition gains ground. some u.s. senators say now is the time for russia to act. >> this is an opportunity for russia to show the international community at large that you can be a constructive force at a time of great need. and you have a unique capability as a nation to do some good. >> reporter: for the u.s., the insurgents gains are a double-edged sword. some of the most ruthlessly affected fighters also are the most radicalized. washington is moving to declare one of those groups a terrorist organization. but the obama administration worries that the stronger radical fighters become the more armed combat, not political efforts to find a solution will decide the outcome in syria. early next week secretary clinton travels to morocco for a meeting of the so-called friends of syria group. the focus will be on the opposition with the obama administration taking the first steps towards officiall
respected in her school community. and she was taken too early. she instinctively went into action when a monster came into her class and tried to protect the kids she loved so much. >> reporter: and can you tell me a little bit more about how she tried to do that? >> what we were told, she gathered her children into a closet and put herself in harm's way, in between the gunman and the kids. and we just want the public to know that vicky was a hero. regardless of the intimate details that took place in that classroom, vicky was doing what she knew was right in her heart, and what she was trained to do, to protect her kids. >> reporter: and some of those who are going to the vigil have already started to gather here tonight. expected to attend, kate, are they are two sisters who you see in the picture. her mother is expected to be here tonight. her father, as well. her cousin who you just heard from there. i'm told that what her family says they're trying to do is telling people in the community who are coming out. try to find green hats, and gloves, anything that is green. because green
action on gun laws. >> and dr. drew, when you're looking at adam lanza, what in his medical history do you think investigators should be focusing more on? what are they looking into to paint a more complete picture of the person that we are talking about? and when you talk about -- and what about the toxicology report? what should they be looking at when that comes in? >> that is absolutely correct. i think the two areas that are going to give us the most information is his life online because very often people that have are difficulty with intimate connection with others, they have quite a rich life out there in the cyberspace and it can be bizarre and they can fuel some of these horrible sorts of preoccupations and violent tendencies. it doesn't cause them but the online life is going to be very revealing and for sure the tox kolgs are going to be critical. there's two big questions here. did somehow the medication either coming on or going off, maybe he was prescribed medication and didn't take it. we're going to find a lack of medication in his system or, god forbid, he got on to s
congressional action, that exemption falls down to a million dollars, the rate you pay on that estate jumps up to between 41% and 55%. on top of that, there's a 5% tax on the portion of very large tax estates. the tax policy tenners estimates the number will jump from 2600 in 2012 to 53,000 in 2013. that's a huge increase from where we stand right now. as you know, some people call this double taxation, because people pay income tax on their earnings, they save it, and then the money gets taxed when they pass it on to their decendents. >> a lot of farmers are respecially concerned about this. let's say you leave land to your children or grandchildren. and to pay the estate tax, you have to sell it, basically, because you don't have that kind of money. >> this is a philosophical difference on the sides. congress does nothing. and those estate taxes revert to the levels they were before george w. bush was in office. those taxes were lowered to help us get through a couple recessions. this is unfair. people should be entitled to pass along their hard earned money. the concentration of wealth need
with isolated but not attacking it. the regime might take extreme actions if we try to assault so we're just militarily choking it off, he tells us. on all sides it is surrounded by rolling hills. we're being escorted by a defective soldier who worked on the inside and a rebel fighter from the area. we've agreed not to reveal their identities. at one point, between the two hilltops, a manmade barrier. >> we have to be very careful filming through here but visible on the side of the mountains are what rebel fighters with us are telling us the former positions of government troops used to occupy. since the free syrian army moved into this area, government forces have pulled further and closer in to the facility itself. this man was recently captured by the rebels. he says he lead a unit whose job was to patrol part of the armor. positioned on the hilltops. he agreed to be interviewed if we disguised his identity and his voice. he says that soldiers like him were constantly searched. their calls monitored. forbidden from seeing people who entered the main building. they arrived escorted by arme
the economy about $1 billion a day and took over six months to recover from. >> now, in that work action, president bush stepped in and invoked what's called the taft/hartley act. it's essentially a presidential power that can prevent a strike or end one. president bush did that. there are calls for president obama to do something similar to try to prevent this strike, but no word from the white house on whether he's going to do that. candy? >> brian, you talked about the impact on goods like clothes and shoes, electronics. what about cars? i know the port behind you is a major entry port for automobiles being shipped to the u.s. >> reporter: absolutely it is. number one transit point for automobiles, at least in this entire region, candy. but what we're told is that this strike, for the moment, is expected to affect only containers. so automobiles and other types of cargo coming in, not in containers, would not necessarily be affected by this, unless, we are told, there is a lockout. if there is a lockout, this strike could really broaden and affect automobiles and other cargo. you're t
on president obama to now really try to take some decisive action. not to prohibit americans from arming themselves at home to protect their families but to prohibit the wholesale and easy way that you can go out and buy an ak-47, whatever it is you may want. nobody needs that, as he said, outside of the military or the police. >> the argument that i've heard from nfl players, current and former, retired nfl players, these are young guys, they're making a lot of money, they're pretty well known in their chunlt communities. a lot of times they say they buy a gun to protect themselves. because they're afraid of what could potentially happen. what does costas say about that? >> i think it's really a case of bravado, showing off. there's an amazing statistic. 624 arrests of nfl players. of those, 177 were drink or drug related involving usually driving. we saw this horrifying accident over the weekend with another nfl player, two from dallas cowboys. josh brent was driving the car, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, and his great friend jerry brown also a dallas cowboy, died. somethin
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)